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TFP solution Limited, Headquartered at Banani, Dhaka Bangladesh, started its journey to be one of the pioneer destinations for future Tech world. From its inception it is aimed to provide the best State of The Art solution for 21st century. Having a vision to set up the first ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab in Bangladesh and being focused on the Artificial Intelligence, TFP Solution Limited offers wide range of technical solutions in the field of IoT, Block Chain technologies, IUMS, web and progressive app development

TFP Solutions (Bangladesh) Ltd was formed as the joint venture of TFP Solution Berhad, a public listed company of Malaysia. Later on, the company has been taken over by the Bangladeshi partner after completion of the agreed project.

TFP Solution has got profound experience and good name in the field of developing software in the domain of
• Artificial intelligence
• Internet of Things
• Visa-travel ecosystem management
• Block Chain Technology

TFP Solution Limited is one of the emerging Tech startups working with next generation crypto currency (Block chain) technologies. With the motto of “Shifting the Paradigm” TFP Solution Limited assure the best ROT (Return of Technology) investments and delivers innovative and cost-effective Technical solutions.

Message from the chairman

It is our immense pleasure to express my utmost gratitude to all of our valued stakeholders. TFP Solution has got profound experience and good name in the field of developing software in the domain of Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Visa-travel ecosystem management software. We are one of the leading organizations in Bangladesh to handle visa services for multiple countries through our unique visa management software.

Our ate met to infiltrate into the Tech industry was driven by the recognition that everything starting from the sunrise to sunset throughout the world are expanding at a very rapid rate with the help of technology as well as enlarging middle class communities and increasing disposable

incomes. In a fast growing Tech world, we have recognized the profound requirement for High Class Technology for all and at affordable prices.TFP Solution Limited invades to this market segment with the ultimate belief of “Shifting the Paradigm. “Our Tech products are the combination of our extensive research, quality design and the furnished work of highly qualified engineers. Our quality commitment is reflected in its unforgettable experience.


“TFP Solution Limited not only creates technology, it also shifts the paradigm for the future Tech world.”
Best Regards

Dr. Kamrul Ahsan
Chairman,TFP Solution(Bangladesh) Ltd.



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Unique Visa Facilitation Software:

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